Month: January 2019

Revocation of car loans difficult

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The ghost of the “Revoked Joker” is among the Autobanks. The ghost has launched some law firms . The law firms see a gap in the revocation of car loan agreements of the auto banks. The gap, in their view, ensures that the 14-day withdrawal period for the consumer does not begin to run. If […]

1.5 million car loan contracts revocable (judgment)

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The district court Ravensburg has decided. With his judgment of 07.08.2018 ( file number 2 O 259/17 ), it was the driver of a Skoda Roomster right, who had financed his car purchase at the Volkswagen Bank . The buyer stated that he had been misinformed by the VW bank when signing the car loan […]

Private Debt Loans: Financing for the Mittelstand

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Private debt loans have been enjoying ever-increasing popularity since 2016, especially among SMEs. Private Debt Credit vs. bank The bank consultant is currently still the first point of contact for many SMEs when it comes to money. If the house bank used to be firmly in the saddle, then it has to expect head wind […]

Total loss is threatening doner loans!

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Confirmed: The doner loan threatens total failure. As BaFin announces, filed for bankruptcy. Finance had received money as a subordinated loan from German investors willing to invest. Originally, the capital thus obtained was to be used to finance kebab restaurants in the United States. The adventure started with . Later, it was renamed . BaFin […]

Personal Loans Online For Bad Credit

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Quick personal loans are becoming more and more popular. In 2017, more than HUF 305 billion worth of people took on such a non-collateralized loan, which is usually freely usable. This represents an increase of around 50 percent compared to 2016, but this year, this amount was over HUF 200 billion already this year, […]