“I have planned the financial side of my foundation well”

Miriam Wohlfarth is a mother and a businesswoman. With a well-planned schedule, she brings family and career together under one roof. She encourages women to be helped by au pairs or domestic helpers. It also makes life easier for workers with children by supporting more flexible working time models.

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When did you decide to start your own business?

Miriam Wohlfarth: The final decision to found a payment company was made in 2009, the year it was founded. But the idea has grown over time.

What were your three main reasons for being self-employed?

Miriam Wohlfarth: I had a product idea in the payment area that was never offered by any other company. I wanted to put this idea into action and determine the success of the product myself . At the same time I met partners who dared to take the step into the foundation together with me.

Did lack of opportunities for advancement contribute to the decision in employment?

Miriam Wohlfarth: No, certainly not. I worked for a long time in the employment relationship and always very satisfied. I had good jobs and good bosses. But it burned in me and I wanted to realize my idea.

Did you choose to work independently to better reconcile your family and your job?

Miriam Wohlfarth: That too. I have always got everything well under one roof, although I have worked full time again quickly after the birth of my now 11-year-old daughter . Of course it was not always easy and needs a good organization, but it works.

What obstacles do many women face with children in employment?

Miriam Wohlfarth: The biggest difficulties probably arise from inflexible employers and working time models . Foreign companies often show us how to do it better and offer comfortable solutions for mothers. But in Germany, too, something is slowly moving. As a managing director, I try to offer suitable working time models for colleagues with children.

What are the typical problems of independent mothers mastering the balancing act between family and work?

Miriam Wohlfarth: Many women strive for perfection, on the job, but also as a mother, be it gifts, school feasts or sandwiches. That’s unnecessary: ​​one hundred percent love is enough . To make life easier, there are many help services such as au pairs or domestic help. If it’s financially possible, why not?

Founders: The most important facts about pensions and insurance

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What were you most worried about when you started your business?

Miriam Wohlfarth: I never had any fear. What helped me was the support of my husband and the fact that I could always go back to my old employer. In addition , I have well planned the financial side of the foundation . It is easier to live with a few reserves and is under pressure to be in the black after its foundation.

What role did the costs and expenses of insurance and precaution play in the decision to found?

Miriam Wohlfarth: Such issues have not affected my decision to start a business.

What insurance do you have and what do you spend on average per month for your insurance cover and your pension plan?

Miriam Wohlfarth: I use the usual package of insurance: health, accident, liability and disability insurance. There are also some additional insurance. When it comes to costs, sometimes I feel like paying more than I get back through benefits .

Do you think that you are adequately prepared for the retirement age and are adequately insured?

Miriam Wohlfarth: Of course I am insured. But if that is enough remains to be seen. I think that there will be a gap with the retirement .

Elke Holst from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) speaks of a glass ceiling over which women can not go beyond their independence. What is your experience?

Miriam Wohlfarth: I can not confirm that. I never had the experience of not being able to achieve anything just because I’m a woman. On the contrary. In the male-dominated payment world I sometimes even benefit .

Do you see more freedom in self-employment to realize your job than in a dependent employment relationship?

Miriam Wohlfarth: You could indeed say that. Although I also had a lot of freedom in the employment relationship, but only with RatePAY I can let off steam . It’s great fun to implement your own ideas every day and to be your own boss.

Thank you for the interview.

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