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Personal Loans Online For Bad Credit

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Quick personal loans are becoming more and more popular. In 2017, more than HUF 305 billion worth of people took on such a non-collateralized loan, which is usually freely usable. This represents an increase of around 50 percent compared to 2016, but this year, this amount was over HUF 200 billion already this year, which means that the expansion is stagnating.

There are several reasons for this:

  • wages have risen over the last few years and interest rates have fallen significantly (there are banks that, under certain conditions, already offer promotional interest below 10 percent);
  • the administration has become simpler: in many cases, personal loans can already be claimed online – and even at some banks from a mobile phone app – they are quickly disbursed, do not ask for real estate cover, and do not need many documents.

But what documents do you need for online personal loans for bad credit?

Although there may be minor variations, almost all banks usually require similar documents. Among other things, we have to prove that we have a job that generates so much revenue that we can repay the loan details. In other words, our income is ultimately the cover of credit. Accordingly, you usually need:

  • employer income certificate – mostly not older than 30 days, the bank’s own form;
  • bank account statement – usually for the last two or three months;
  • statement of income, debts;
  • personal documents – ID card, address card, tax card.

Of course, there may be differences. For example, if you take out a loan from your own account-keeping bank, you may not be required to file a bank statement because they see the account turnover. Some banks require a minimum of 3 months of continuous employment at a given workplace.

In the case of self-employed, self-employed or family workers, you must obtain a certificate of income for the previous year from the NAV and apply for an entrepreneurial certificate. Pensioners are also asked to provide proof of pension payments and pensioner IDs.

Of course, the conditions are not the same in all banks: they can ask for more or less paper, offer a loan with a lower or higher interest rate, so it’s worthwhile to find out. With the Credit Separator Personal Loan Calculator, you can easily find the most attractive offer for you.

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