The Board accuses the PP-A of giving a “false” figure on the financial savings achieved with government aid mechanisms

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, María Jesús Montero, on Thursday accused the PP-A of giving a “false, invented” figure, of the financial savings achieved by the Junta with the aid mechanisms of the central government.

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In particular, the PP-A deputy Pablo Venzal has estimated in “a whopping 7,678 million euros” the financial savings achieved by the Board in recent years thanks to central government aid mechanisms, and “as a result of the differential that It would have meant going to the secondary debt market at the time when they asked for the debt and the price at which they put the money. ”

Saving in interest

It has been in the control session to the Andalusian Government, in the House of Parliament, where the PP-A, through Pablo Venzal, has asked the Board for the “amount” achieved through “additional financing mechanisms to the Lofca “and” what has been the saving in interests of the autonomous community of Andalusia “thanks to these mechanisms.

The Minister of Finance has responded that, “between 2012 and the first quarter of 2018, the amount that has been formalized in relation to the loans deriving from these extraordinary mechanisms” has been a total of “31,467 million euros, of the that we have to pay 2,150 million euros in interest, “he added.

He has detailed that amount has been intended “primarily to meet debt maturities and finance the public deficit,” and stressed that, in any case, “are limited to the hardest moments of the crisis, hence the Bank itself from Spain think it’s a good time to get rid of those mechanisms. ”

In this regard, he recalled that Andalusia has requested the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration “authorization to begin partially to issue debt and a return to normalcy and our financing in financial markets,” and has insisted that he expects the minister of the branch “can answer us as soon as possible” to that request.

Financial Savings

The parliamentarian of the PP-A has afflicted the counselor who had “forgotten to respond” to the question about the financial savings achieved with the Government’s aid mechanisms, and in this regard has stressed that the Board has disposed of the Autonomic Liquidity Fund (FLA) ) at interest of 0.30 percent in 2012 and 2013; from 0.10 in 2014, and from 0.0 in 2015 and successive years “.

In addition, he stressed that, “in the payment funds to suppliers”, since 2014, the Board has had “in 1.4 that additional financing mechanism”, after which he stressed that “huge savings of money “that the Andalusian Administration has achieved is reason for the Andalusian Executive” were proud of the Government of Spain and the Spanish “, thanks to the solidarity of the same, since some autonomous communities have not received with the same intensity to those mechanisms of aid or have not even been received, as Venzal has abounded.

In this line, the ‘popular’ deputy has asked the counselor that from the Board be “more serious”, instead of stating that “the interest paid to the State is infamous.” In addition, he stressed that “not only have they been helped like this, but the liquidity and the installments that the Government of Zapatero demanded has been transferred to more than 20 years, and when the expiration of any of them has arrived. they have refinanced again. ”

After that, counselor Montero has accused the ‘popular’ of being “nervous” with the departure to the markets of Andalusia, because, “from the first day that the Andalusian Government announced that it had requested authorization” for this, the president of PP-A, Juanma Moreno, “said that this was confrontation”. Against this, the Andalusian head of Finance has concluded indicating that “the Government of Spain is interested in Andalusia being financed in the markets”.

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