What financial protection do students have when they are disabled?

Students can put a hook behind their financial security in the event of occupational disability at an early age. Because many insurers offer entry-level rates with good benefits that fit the student’s wallet. Which occupational disability insurance can be recommended is shown by a recent comparison.

Burn-out, Herniated Disc, Depression – These rare and other serious illnesses are rare. If it then hits such a stroke of fate , they are confronted with existential future questions overnight . Because of the manageable support from the state, young people should think about how they will make ends meet when they are studying, because one day they will not be able to earn their own money for health reasons.

Many insurers offer students special occupational disability insurance to provide financial security in the event of disability. The special entry-level rates are adapted to the purse of the young people and cost comparatively little. But how good are the occupational disability insurance for students? This question is the analysis house ascore The scoring currently pursued.

Why should students seek a disability insurance?

If one’s health is so bad that employees can no longer work, they receive a disability pension. However, this is comparatively small, so that financial cuts in the usual standard of living are the result. However, a good disability insurance compensates for the loss of income. The sooner employees take care of it, the better the protection usually is.

This is even more true for students. On the one hand, contributions are often low due to special starter rates. On the other hand, they can put a lid on the topic of occupational disability insurance and do not have to deal with expensive offers later on.

Occupational disability protection: What tariffs are good for students?

For the occupational disability insurance test, the analysis house reviewed 33 rates from 21 insurers. 53 criteria were queried, such as whether

  • Students must inform the insurer after conclusion of the contract whether they are engaged in dangerous sports ,
  • Even then, the full pension in the event of occupational disability , if they become disabled shortly after completion of insurance and whether
  • Students can adjust the amount of the pension up to four times during the insurance period at least four times to special events such as the end of studies, a marriage or a home purchase without renewed health examination (so-called post-insurance guarantee).

Four occupational disability insurances are very good in the eyes of the entry-level testers. You get six out of six possible stars. Another eleven just missed the top rating with 5.5 stars. No fare scores worse than four stars, which is a good rating.

The current test winners for students are:

  • “Disability Insurance (BPS)” by Basler
  • “BU Protect young Prestige” by Die Bayerische
  • “BU Perfect Start” and “BU Perfect Start +” by Volkswohl Bund
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