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The past two years have undoubtedly proven to be an eye-opener for most of us, helping to broaden our understanding of health. Consumers again focused on all areas where health could be affected. Moreover, with the increase in lifestyle and chronic diseases such as diabetes, etc., consumers are more interested in natural and non-drug treatments.

In the current scenario, companies like MediKane have stayed ahead in the development and supply of healthy products based on natural ingredients. Australia-based MediKane is a developer of natural, herbal products designed to significantly improve long-term chronic health conditions.

The natural health products company is looking to revolutionize the ‘Food as Medicine’ space with its unique offerings, developed using natural Australian ingredients with health benefits and proven to improve health.

Let’s first understand the Food as Medicine concept

The Food as Medicine concept does not contain a single definition, but is a practice based on the knowledge that food is important for good health and the prevention of disease.

Unlike diet foods and supplements, which simply seek to improve a person’s overall health, the concept of Food as Medicine is based on the idea that eating certain foods in controlled amounts will produce a particular result.

Foods with medicinal properties such as spices, herbs, nuts and seeds are also an area of ​​interest for people wishing to maintain good health through natural diets. The whole concept is based on an increased consumption of minimally processed plant-based foods.

The idea of ​​conventional medicine, which relies primarily on pharmaceutical drugs to control health and disease, is challenged by the Food as Medicine approach to health management.

Pharmaceuticals are designed to cause compelling biochemical responses (pathways) in the body, killing microorganisms or inhibiting cellular processes. The risks associated with this type of treatment are that it can alter the biochemistry of the body, causing it to behave differently. This is what leads to adverse events and side effects. Pharmaceuticals have yet to have the widespread impact needed to effectively treat metabolic diseases.

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What MediKane has to offer

MediKane develops its products in-house, and these products are delivered in dosage form. The company targets five markets, each of which is global and growing faster than population growth in its respective countries.

The company has consumer products under its belt, namely NutriKane D, NutriKane R and SugarKane Fibre.

  • NutriKane D is the company’s flagship, clinically proven, herbal health product designed to manage blood sugar (glucose) levels.
  • NutriKane R is rich in fiber and essential micronutrients. This product, specifically developed to improve regularity, relieves constipation and restores normal bowel function.
  • Natural, Nutrient-Dense Dietary Fiber SugarKane fiber is designed for gut health management and microbiome/immune support.

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Products have been developed based on a solid understanding of modes of action followed by testing for specific results in scientific and clinical trials. The medical benefits of the NutriKane line of products have undergone extensive scientific and medical testing, achieving peer validation. Medikane plans to launch two more products in the coming months.

Food as Medicine products provide the resources and nutrients our body needs to improve its natural function and manage inflammation. In addition, these pharmaceutical products and therapies are complementary treatments. Pharmaceuticals have been found to provide greater efficacy with fewer side effects when applied in addition to Food as Medicine products.

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