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Just as one went and thought that there would soon be no more loan providers on the market. Then a new fighter enters the ring. And just calm down. It’s not a bad thing – rather the opposite. The more loan providers are in the market, the better the terms usually result in, for those of us who actually need to borrow money.

It is quite natural that the more competition there is within a given field, the greater the war there is about the customers. If you imagine a world where there was only one bank, for example. Then it could quickly result in you having to pay outrageous interest and fees. Why? Quite simply because you have no other place to go. Fortunately, we are so blessed in Denmark that we have many different places and opportunities when it comes to borrowing money. This means that if we feel we can get a cheaper product or a better service – or maybe both – somewhere else, then it is relatively easy to change. Therefore, you should warmly welcome any new challenger in the market in loans and finance, as this will ultimately result in far better and cheaper products for us as customers.

New provider. They offer loans of up to DKK 15,000, which cover the vast majority of people’s acute needs. There are many benefits to this particular provider, but one of the greatest benefits and benefits you find here is that it is incredibly quick to get your loan approved. Typically, it takes no more than 10 seconds, and then you can be allowed to move on in life. All in all, the application process takes about one minute – and it is therefore inclusive that you have to sit and enter your information. It’s so easy that you can get an online loan right now .

It may sound as though it doesn’t matter, but anyone who has ever needed to borrow money online can sign up to how endless and redundant the process often feels. It often and often results in you spending a long time sitting, finding, uploading, downloading and sending document on document, after which you can get answers to his application – and this typically happens only a few days after. You avoid that by loans .

Who can get loans?

In principle, everyone can get loans. Of course, you must be over 18 and have an nem account and nemID. But on the other hand, we will also shoot at the fact that the vast majority of people have gradually. You simply choose the amount you want to borrow, fill out the application online (and don’t worry, you don’t have to fumble with PDFs and word documents). Finally, you just sign the application with your NemID, and you get answers within seconds. In short, it often does not become easier than on .

It is a requirement that you are not registered in the RKI, so if you are over 18 but not registered in the RKI, then you are likely to get a loan here. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be an expert in either mathematics or accounting, so you can make the site meaningful. The actual graphic layout is quite nice and clearly arranged.

Why loans?

Besides that you always get a quick answer to your application with a loan , so you also get a lot of freedom. You decide how much you want to borrow, and thus you do not need to borrow the entire amount of the 15 thousand kroner. That means you can, to a much greater extent, decide how expensive it will be for you to borrow money. In many other places you have to choose between wide ranges – for example, 5, 10 or 15 thousand. This means that you, to a much lesser extent, decide for yourself how much money you have to borrow.

Here many people might think “and what so”. But it is actually quite significant, because often you have to borrow money for smaller amounts. For example, this can be a dental bill. If you have a dentist bill of 2500, but can only borrow 5,000 as a minimum, then in many cases, it will happen that you end up “throwing” the last 2500 away – understood in the way that they are not used to pay the dentist – and you will usually not pay them back directly to the loan. For many, this means that you want to see it as a form of “bonus” or extra income – and here they may be used on everything from clothes to cappuccino. It is not a bad thing as such, but it is a shame to go and pay interest and formation costs on a cappuccino.

If, for example, you can now just borrow exactly what you need – for example 2500, or maybe even 2000 if you can cover the last 500 kroner yourself, then you are sure that you do not pay interest on money as you “scratch away” ”, And that also means you have finished the loan faster. This kind of flexibility is one of the reasons why loans are so attractive to a loan provider – because you yourself are in control. The best part is, however, that everything is presented in a great way, so that all of us who may not be so strong purely financial – and also not bothering us – also have a chance to get a good loan, without everything for expensive costs.